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The ESCarchive?

Because of server issues, the ESCarchive merged with SexyFantasyComics. We are actively in the process of transfering all material to SFC.

If you have an ESCa membership that still has time on it, we have added your login to SFC.

Verotel Users – Verotel merged ESCa’s user list with SFC, automatically adding your credentials to the login data. You will NOT be auto-charged when your ESCa membership expires.

CCBill Users – Your logins had to be manually added to the system. After many hours all but 6 of the Active Users provided by CCBill have been entered into SFC’s login data. The 6 that were not added were left out because either their username was already used or the password had non-alphanumeric symbols. So if you still can’t get into SFC Contact Me with your email and CCBill username and we’ll figure out an alternative for whichever is causing the problem. When any CCBill-originating login expires you will have to sign-up with Verotel to continue your access.

If anyone is unable to log in with a memebership that they feel had more time left on it, please Contact Dan Standing. You will need to include your username, an email we can reach you at, and whether you signed up with Verotel or CCBill.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for your patience during this transition time!


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