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Changes Coming To SexyFantasyComics’ Homepage!

Changes Coming To SexyFantasyComics’ Homepage! published on

Howdy all!

It’s crazy how we’ve been updating SFC all this time, but the last post on the homepage is from 2014?! Unacceptable!

Going forward we’re going to work on posting here when individual updates have happened inside SFC. Sometimes there will be visual previews, sometimes not – we’re a one man website and we’ll do our best, but time is always slipping away!

So, for example, we DON’T have time to do an image preview here today, but I CAN say that pages 7 and 8 of A LITTLE WORK FROM HOME posted yesterday!

So, if you sign up to follow updates here, you should know when new stuff is posted!

Thanks always for your support,


The Weather Is Cooling, But SFC Is Still Hot!

The Weather Is Cooling, But SFC Is Still Hot! published on

Hey all!

So many updates to Sexy Fantasy Comics since I last posted here!

We’ll start with the hand-drawn stuff! 14 pages of Dan Standing’s and erosart’s sexy genie comic SBG posted, where we see more wishes, learn more about Barbara, and find out the fate of some of her old roommates!

Barbara the half-genie in SBG

We also had 8 pages of HELD WITHIN post. Written by Dan Standing, the art has transition from Shipeng Lee to A+A. Susie and now-genie girlfriend Jenny have finally made it to the party! But what awaits them?

Susie and her genie Jenny in HELD WITHIN

There were 7 new pages for Dan Standing’s and A+A’s mythological comic MINTHE. Our little Minthe makes it to Aphrodite’s temple to discover someone is already there to make a request – will that help or hinder Minthe’s chances?

We also had an illustrated prose entry for “Protie” Anne: Ending the Road. When Naomi goes after Anne will she discover that she is out of her league?

Naomi fights back!

Moving on to CG work, artist Sumguy made available some great work, some of which has added text by Dan Standing. Within is “Posterity,” “Office Shrink 2014,″ “Rent Free,” and “A Bonny Folly.”

Drake also brought his masterful CG art and storytelling with 5 new chapters – and over 25 pages – of 11th Hell. Secrets and desires are revealed – but should they have been?

Photo comic MINIMUM SECURITY also had 4 new pages, where our incarcerated beauty learns there’s more to her doll fate than she first thought.

And finally, Dan Standing has been a busy writer! He brought us A Matter Of Production – Part IIPantasy: A Cautionary Tail – Part III, Pantasy: A Cautionary Tail – Part IV, Pantasy: A Cautionary Tail – Part V, and A Borrowed Look. Two PDF ebooks have also been made available; Photo Freak-Out Futanari: An Unintended Request and A Genuine First Date.



Mind Control Stories by Doctor MC

Mind Control Stories by Doctor MC published on

I don’t write a lot of stories involving Mind Control, but there are some really great ones by Doctor MC. Just like me Doctor MC believes in bringing a great story to the projects he works on, and I have had the pleasure of reading Three More Wishes and really enjoyed it.

For you Mind Control lovers out there, you should certainly check out;


The Lusty Month of May

The Lusty Month of May published on

Howdy all! Sexy Fantasy Comics has been busy since our last public update!

from 11th Hell

The amazing Drake‘s CG comic 11th Hell updated twice, with Chapters 21 (7 pages) and 22 (6 pages). Who will win the game our devious demoness has started? We know two who won’t!

from Minthe

Dan Standing‘s adaptation of Minthe, illustrated by Andrea + Ale, posted it’s first two pages, as we learn a little about where poor Minthe’s frustrations come from!

from Minimum Security

Dan has also posted the first two pages of a new photo comic Minimum Security. We think the clip above gives the best summary of the comic.

from Held Within


Held Within updated with 5 new pages as Susie finally has Jenny take some hard actions against Kiesa.

from SBG


SBG, illustrated by the talented erosarts, had 6 pages that caught us up on how Barbara’s life has been going lately.

from “Protie” Anne in Italy

Dan also brought us an illustrated look at “Protie” Anne in Italy, as well as the start of two new prose stories; Pantasy: A Cautionary Tale and A Matter Of Production.

We hope you all enjoy!


March Sexiness!

March Sexiness! published on

While most people get mad in March, Sexy Fantasy Comics prefers to keep things sexy! Here’s what’s been going on since the last public post!


Another update of 11th Hell comes to us from Drake, and these four new pages kick off a competition between the competitors!

from 11th Hell

Dan Standing‘s comic Spa Day also uploaded its last three pages, bringing our stiff story to a close!


Three more beautiful pages by erosarts were added to SBG, including a color page to close out Van’s gender swap!

from SBG

Held Within, the genie transformation story written by Dan and illustrated by Shipeng Lee, also had three more pages. What unexpected wish side-effect has Susie learned about? You’ll have to read to find out!

from Held Within

Two uncensored pages of Exiern also posted!

There was also a “Protie” Anne short story, Sex In A Jar, which featured Maggie’s first two victims sharing some personal space.

from "Sex In A Jar"


As part of an “A Moment With…” request, the short story One Hard Night explores in greater detail the petrifying experience of Billie. Her story is punctuated with art from TIME AND AGAIN.

from One Hard Night/TIME AND AGAIN

And finally, a pdf copy Dan Standing’s recent eBook A Spirited Weekend was added for all SFC members!

We hope you enjoy!


Cold Months, Hot Posts!

Cold Months, Hot Posts! published on

Well 2014 has been pretty cold out there, but in Sexy Fantasy Comics things are heating up!

CG Comics:

Drake‘s wonderful series 11th Hell continues with 8 more pages in Chapter 19 – are we to learn that there is more going on with the genie housemate than initially revealed?

from 11th Hell

Dan Standing‘s comic Spa Day heads towards its conclusion with the posting of pages  13, 14, 15, and 16! Will our shrunken witch find a way to regain her former size, and what part does the immobile Carol have to play in her scheme?

Hand Drawn:

SFC member dotté has once again provided us with uncensored versions of his single page works, this time bringing us I Wish We Could Spend Every Night Together, Apple Porn, and Buzzkill.

A new ongoing comic has also been introduced, with its first 3 pages posted! Drawn by the amazing erosarts, he and Dan Standing bring a new tale of sexy magic called SBG. Who is Barbara, and what is her secret?

from SBG

Held Within also goes on as Susie’s wishes continue to resonate, with 2 new pages drawn by the amazing Shipeng Lee. There’s also an Exiern bonus work by him; What Have I Done?

from Held Within

Andrea and Ale also bring two new illustrations to “Protie” Anne‘s travels – this time, to Spain!

from "Protie Anne"

Prose Only:

And finally, Dan Standing wraps up A Spirited Weekend with Part V, the epilogue which reveals the cabin-stayer’s post-weekend life. Dan also brings the first entry of A Moment With which takes a closer look at French woman Sabine’s experience with “Protie” Anne and Maggie!

A Note About New Member Rejections

A Note About New Member Rejections published on

Hi All,

I am aware that two individuals who tried to sign up weren’t able to have their logins saved. Your payments were refunded to you. I believe I have located and removed the source of the issue, and am waiting for technical confirmation from Verotel. I will post again when I know the issue is resolved and new sign-ups can resume. This has not effected renewing members.

Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks so much for your desire to support us!

News soon,


From 2013 into 2014

From 2013 into 2014 published on

Howdy all! What a year 2013 has been! Here’s hoping 2014 can be even better! Since our last post, Sexy Fantasy Comics has seen;

CG Art:

Drake brought us two more awesome entries of 11th Hell, the 5 sneaky pages of Part 17, and the 6 pages of plastic goodness in Part 18.

Sumguy sent us a little Seasonal Greeting.

There were three more pages of Dan Standing‘s Spa Day posted, as our heroine plots to somehow restore herself. And in Part II of Canvasing the blackmailer got a little more intimate with art.

Hand Illustrated:

SFC member dotté has been kind enough to bring us uncensored versions of his Becky Shrugs and Don’t Look pieces.

Exiern‘s Shi Peng Lee brought us two Bonus Images, and also illustrated pages 56, 57, and 58 of Dan Standing’s crocodile-tear filled Held Within.

A+A illustrated the final pages of TIME AND AGAIN 2, giving us insight into the Genie’s origin and revealing the new Mistress of the gem. They also brought in two sexy illustrations for “Protie” Anne’s Trip To France, and one image for Dan’s short story Finding Resolution.

Prose Only:

Dan Standing brought Part IV of his story A Spirited Weekend, where the vacations finally learn what their final form will be.

We hope you enjoy, and Happy 2014!



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