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Bonus “Protie” Anne this month

Bonus “Protie” Anne this month published on

Today we’ve posted a bonus “Protie” Anne segment. What happens when a six inch tall Anne gets cabin fever and decides she wants to sneak out of the apartment? Well, you can read about it inside! stuck

And while Game of Nome took a break this week, we do have two strong pages already posted this month!

And let’s not forget Drake‘s amazing 11th Hell, which had a 5-page update. A recently added roommate gets a feel for the house, and a new gorgeous woman is revealed.

Lastly, Dan Standing‘s short story Denied reminds everyone not to break deals with gods. wood


Women of All Sizes And Molecular Structure This Month!

Women of All Sizes And Molecular Structure This Month! published on

SFC has seen quite a few updates this month!

The CG material was strong this month! GAME OF NOME bulked with three pages, we got short story GOOD WITCH that had an illustration, and a giantess sequence called BIG NONO was added.

Of course, the master of CG TF comics, Drake, brought a sexy angel to his series 11th HELL when Part 4 posted!

In hand drawn art, Andrea & Ale brought us a few treats. First was the insertion of some much needed Mature Content to public domain Golden Age comic THE LAST HIDING PLACE!

Sadly, the graphic adaptation of my short story INFLUX ended up on hiatus while I tightened the script. In its place we put up a preview of my adaption of the Greek Myth of MINTHE, which will start posting once INFLUX wraps up. INFLUX will update again next month!

And finally, the one and only “Protie” Anne! She spent the month stuck inside with six breasts, and an attempt to shrink her extra bosoms away leads to far more than just part of her getting smaller!


Story, Comics, and Anne! Oh my!

Story, Comics, and Anne! Oh my! published on

Hey all! Hurricane Sandy kept our front page from being updated, but SexyFantasyComics‘ members section kept going!

Updates since last time include a short story plus CG image for In A Little Bit…, which is yet another forewarning of why even little wishes are best left unsaid.

Ongoing CG comic Game of Nome gave us two pages, including a glimpse behind the scenes!

Hand drawn graphic adaptation Influx posted four pages, as our heroine tries to find a way to sleep at night while her breasts continue to grow every few hours!

And “Protie” Anne‘s time as a cat comes to a conclusion…but one that may have multiplied her problems! With a hand drawn picture to go with it!

Don’t worry, as we recover from the time down from Hurricane Sandy we’ll also be catching up on the preview teasers on this main page as well!

Comics and Cats

Comics and Cats published on

We’ve had quite a bit of updates in the past 15 days!

There are 3 new pages of Game of Nome, where our sexy protagonist learns she’ll have to watch her tongue from now on!

Drake’s 11th Hell updates with 7 pages of golden delight!

Although Red Drake is on hiatus we have an absolutely beautiful image of the cast!

And finally, we have a journal entry from Maggie updating us on how our dear “Protie” Anne ended up as a four legged fur ball!



“Protie” Anne finishes up September

“Protie” Anne finishes up September published on

The month of September finished with three updates regarding our dear “Protie” Anne.

First, we’ve posted the interview between her and R&D intern Maggie about Anne’s time spent trapped as a tree.

Then there’s a diary entry about an evening that did not go quite as Anne or Maggie expected.

Finally, we have Maggie’s account of what happens when you mix Anne, a photoshoot, and some DNA recombinators…which includes two images by Andrea + Ale!


Lots of Comic Pages this month…

Lots of Comic Pages this month… published on

If you haven’t been inside since the last public update, we’ve had a status update on our dear “Protie” Anne’s situation, and quite a few comic pages posted!

Pages 13 and 14 of Game of Nome have posted, along with the ability to suggest what our contestant’s next alteration will be!

And Influx has seen a large update – and a lot of breast expansion – with 7 new pages!



August Into September Updates

August Into September Updates published on

Good grief, a lot has been going on since we last posted a public update!

First off, we’ve had three new pages of Game of Nome, and clues as to the odd skin color of her new body parts are starting to add up!

“Protie” Anne has also rejoined the living, and has been quite busy! First she blessed us with an interview about her experience as a golden statue, her opinions on donkey ears, and just what has happened to her feet after turning back to flesh and blood.

She then wrote for us a series of journal entries detailing her steps towards returning her ears to normal, and met our R&D college intern Maggie.

Finally, Maggie stepped in and provided a detailed account of Anne’s latest photo session, which turned out a little greener than our dear “Protie” Anne may have at first expected!

  We’ve also posted a new installment of Sumguy’s prose series The Handmaidens of Red Drake.

This new posting, entitled Episode 01: “It Happened In Red Drake…Again” brings the lovely lass adventurers into some real trouble, as the wizard they are hunting takes to hunting them.

Add in 3 full color images by Andrea + Ale and you have a sexy little adventure!

Finally, we are proud to announce 5 new pages of Drake’s SFC exclusive comic 11th Hell, which are freshly posted today.

We hope you enjoy!

New Comic: INFLUX

New Comic: INFLUX published on
From Page 2 of INFLUX

We’re proud to announce that the first four pages of the graphic adaptation of Dan Standing’s short story INFLUX are now posted inside! Updates will be done in batches once a month until the story is complete.

When a woman gets a treatment that expands her bust every two hours unless she milks herself, she’s at first thrilled. But what happens when she doesn’t know how to turn it off? See the story’s start inside!

New GoN and a Story!

New GoN and a Story! published on

Howdy all!

Updates this week include a new Game of Nome page, and a story!

The new story, called An Iron Goddess and written by Dan Standing, follows a teacher named Ciera who is given an unprecedented chance to change her existence. But will she think things through or let greed determine her fate? Features 4 CG images made by Dan. It also has the possibility of future updates, and recommendations on where the story should go are welcomed.

And don’t forget that Members can submit questions to “Protie” Anne until Aug. 20th!

One last thing – Dan learned this week that he will be on a business trip all next week. He will be relying on a business laptop and scant business internet while he is away, which will limit the ability to update SFC. Anything not scheduled ahead of time or updated from remote will be posted as soon as he returns next weekend.

Updates this week: COMICS!

Updates this week: COMICS! published on

For a website with “Comics” in the name we’ve been quite aware that there are very few inside so far. This month things start to change!

First, of course, we had a new page of GAME OF NOME update this past Tuesday.

Preview of INFLUX

Today we have two additional updates.

First, let’s talk a little about the upcoming graphic adaptation of Dan Standing’s INFLUX. Right now Andrea+Ale are off at a convention, but before leaving they got over to us two pages of pencils, which we’ve uploaded inside.

INFLUX follows the tale of a woman whose chest was treated with an enhancement chemical, and follows how she deals with the consequences of that action. It will update with four full-color pages a month, and when the comic finishes an “expanded” version of the story will be posted in Sexy Fantasy Comics with new details, additional description, and illustrations pulled from the comic – because some people prefer prose!

Stay on the look out for the first four full-color pages later this month that kick-off INFLUX, but for now please enjoy this two page pencil preview!

The Demoness Nybbas

Something we are even more excited and proud to announce is an ongoing series by the hilarious and amazing 3D artist, and transformationist extraordinaire, Drake! Inside you’ll find the first four pages of his new series 11th Hell.

We’re not fully privy to his entire plot, but his history of hilarious and sexy transformations bodes well!

One last note; right now our dear spokemodel (that’s not a typo) “Protie” Anne is standing as an ass-eared golden statue in our Lobby. Once again we’ll be opening up the options for members to submit questions to her when we interview Anne about her experience. Questions will be accepted until Aug. 20th. Check inside for details!

And, from all of us, please enjoy!

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