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A Little Dusting

A Little Dusting published on
Close-up of Malene

New inside is a short story from Dan Standing called “A Little Dusting.” Sexy vampiress Malene discovers she should pay more attention to what the maintenance crews around her are up to. Contains reference to recent breast expansion, as well as some muscular freeze and then dusting/disintegration.

There is also a sequence of 7 3D images that illustrate Malene’s predicament.


REBOUND and GoN Page 7

REBOUND and GoN Page 7 published on
Sample from one of REBOUND's five illustrations.

It’s Tuesday, so a new Game of Nome page is available inside!

In addition, SFC is immensely proud to announce the publication of our new ebook REBOUND. Written by Dan Standing and featuring 5 illustrations by Andrea & Ale, we hope that those who love breast expansion, multiple breasts, and lovely loving ladies find this a satisfactory tale!

Also, for those following the shared character that has appeared in Mr. Standing’s BAR BELLES and ROOM 2739, The Traveler shows up near the end of the book, and curious readers will get a little more insight into him and the world-building that is going on. Enjoy!

Game of Nome Page 6 & Post Athle Interview with “Protie” Anne

Game of Nome Page 6 & Post Athle Interview with “Protie” Anne published on
From Panel 3 of GAME OF NOME pg. 6

Howdy all!

Yesterday saw the posting of GAME OF NOME Page 6!

Our contestant finally learns the consequences of choosing her first item. And it may be a better experience than she intends!

Today also marks the first post-transformation interview with Sexy Fantasy Comics’ resident pin-up girl, “Protie” Anne. As she comes down out of her petrification we ask her some questions about the experience, as well as the question submitted to us by an SFC member. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview;

ANNE: No, no, I mean…it was good to be clean. I could feel the dust on my body during the day. It was like getting a sponge bath. But…I don’t know if they knew someone was alive inside. This one woman, she was very…thorough. She had a spray bottle and a rag and was very intent on making sure I was cleaned in…every nook and cranny.

SFC: Oh! Did you want to move to stop her?

Anne’s red blush deepens a few more shades at this point, nearly matching the color of her areola. She squirms in her seat.

Super Sumguy Update: Red Drake Ep.00 and spec images!

Super Sumguy Update: Red Drake Ep.00 and spec images! published on

Today we get two updates from Sumguy!

The first is The Handmaidens of Red Drake – Episode 00: “Prelude” which begins Sumguy’s ongoing The Handmaidens of Red Drake series. Set in a land and time of fantasy and magic, 11 women seek out a wizard and…well, the prelude nicely sets all of this up. Also includes three images beautifully rendered by Andrea+Ale.

Because Episode 00 is a prelude that is building to some of the series’ true action, Sumguy has also brought along some speculative images he rendered in 3D for a story he is tooling around with. In fact – there are twenty of these nudetastic (it’s a word, I swear) pictures for you to enjoy while he fleshes out what text may accompany them. Please, enjoy!

Game of Nome – Page 5 & Prose

Game of Nome – Page 5 & Prose published on

Two Game of Nome announcements today!

The first is that Page 5 is posted. Our sexy contestant selects her first item. What will it do to her? Find out inside!

The second is that a prose adaptation of Game of Nome is now ongoing inside Sexy Fantasy Comics. There are those who love prose text over comics because of the level of detail and internal experience it can bring to the table. Every few weeks the prose story will be updated to bring the story up to speed with the comics, so that text lovers can get the full experience!

Please enjoy!

“Protie” Anne: A Brief Biographical Interview

“Protie” Anne: A Brief Biographical Interview published on

Before “Protie” Anne posed as Athlé she granted us an interview to discuss how she knew she wanted to become a nude model. That biographical interview is now posted inside Sexy Fantasy Comics! Here’s a snippet;

As we progressed through the different sets I just felt like it would be better if I wasn’t wearing the coconuts…or the skirt.

And don’t forget, SFC members can submit questions for Anne for our post-petrification interview that is coming up. Questions will be accepted until July 20th!

Short Story added; Feeding Time

Short Story added; Feeding Time published on

Today SFC updates with a short story called “Feeding Time” which was written and illustrated by Dan Standing.

A couple comes to a magic woman asking for her help. Of course, her solution involves shrunken women, lactation, and some breast and ass expansion.

This is part of Dan’s work to make sure early members have a ready supply of material while our budget and schedule builds. It features two Daz4 images, also done by Dan.

We hope you enjoy!

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