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“Protie” Anne post-TF interview

“Protie” Anne post-TF interview published on

Currently our dear resident pin up girl “Protie” Anne is still on display in the office lobby.  But once the effects wear off and she’s her supple self again we’ll have a brief interview with her about the experience before she gets ready for the next photo shoot.

We’ll be accepting a few member questions, so if you have an inquiry about her or the experience please let us know via the Feedback page inside the member’s area.



Greetings! published on

Hello! And welcome to Sexy Fantasy Comics, the new membership website featuring the writings of Dan Standing, Sumguy, and the art of the amazing “A+A Team”: Andrea & Ale, A.B.Lust, Starla, Aline, and many others!

We are in BETA right now as we build our library, so be sure to check the Membership Sign Up Page to find out how you can join for a discounted price!

What is Sexy Fantasy Comics (SFC)?
This is a membership-based website that features illustrated stories and comics dedicated to sexy female transformation. Dan Standing and Sumguy are prolific writers who have teamed with Andrea + Ale and their art production team to bring you some of the finest transformation art and literature on the web!

What makes SFC different?

  • We don’t limit ourselves to just breast expansion, shrunken women, petrification, multi-limb, or any other TF genres. We think a mix allows for natural story progress and more varied fiction – plus, sometimes a reader wants to be surprised!
  • In addition to that, once an illustrated story (or perhaps even comic) is posted that doesn’t mean it is finished and done with. We plan to give our readers the chance to let us know which stories deserved more illustrations!
  • We also will not be limiting ourselves to our own work; stories by other authors, both new and old, will be sought out if they can provide a unique or amazing piece of exclusive art for us to bring you!

We’ll be updating Sexy Fantasy Comics with more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out some of our Sample pages or give our Membership Sign Up link a click!

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