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“Protie” Anne

Protie Anne, Pin up girl for sexy fantasy comics“Protie” Anne is’s resident pin-up girl. Whenever she sets up a photo shoot something always seems to go wrong for her…but oh so right for us in a transformation fashion.

She’s usually inspired by reviews done by Dan Standing on Interviews with Anne are planned for those who would like to submit questions about her experience.

Material so far;

BRIEF BIO – Anne granted us a biographical interview to discuss how she knew she wanted to become a nude model. Here’s a snippet; As we progressed through the different sets I just felt like it would be better if I wasn’t wearing the coconuts…or the skirt.

ATHLÉ – Inspired by the stone character of Athlé in Clark Ashton Smith’s THE FLOWER-WOMEN, Anne’s liquid latex is a little more helpful at inspiring her than expected…

POST-ATHLÉ INTERVIEW – As she comes down out of her petrification we ask Anne some questions about the experience, as well as the question submitted to us by an SFC member. Here’s a brief excerpt from the interview;

ANNE: No, no, I mean…it was good to be clean. I could feel the dust on my body during the day. It was like getting a sponge bath. But…I don’t know if they knew someone was alive inside. This one woman, she was very…thorough. She had a spray bottle and a rag and was very intent on making sure I was cleaned in…every nook and cranny.

SFC: Oh! Did you want to move to stop her?

Anne’s red blush deepens a few more shades at this point, nearly matching the color of her areola. She squirms in her seat.

MIDAS – Join us as we visit Anne in her photo studio, and she preps for a King Midas themed photo-shoot…although, it turns out to be one we expected and Anne didn’t…

POST MIDAS INTERVIEW -Anne speaks with us about having donkey ears, being turned to gold, and how it differs from her stone experience. Oh, and there seem to be unexpected after effects…

ANNE: Well… [bends down, causing her nipples to brush the tops of her thighs before her breasts engulf them and fully press atop her legs, and her hand grips one set of toes – which have not yet fully flattened out to be on level with the rest of her foot] I could feel the full weight of my metal body pressing down on the shoes, and I think my toes may have become permanently bent at the angle of the heel when I returned to flesh and bone.

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