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Most of our stories will post already illustrated, although we may post some exclusives and illustrate afterwards. One way we plan to differentiate SFC from other membership websites is we will give our members the opportunity to request additional illustrations for well liked stories.

REBOUND – Written by Dan Standing and featuring 5 illustrations by Andrea & Ale, those who love breast expansion, multiple breasts, and lovely loving ladies should find this a satisfactory tale! For those following the shared character that has appeared in Mr. Standing’s BAR BELLES and ROOM 2739, The Traveler shows up near the end of the book, and curious readers will get a little more insight into him and the world-building that is going on.

Sample from one of REBOUND's five illustrations.

A LITTLE DUSTING – Sexy vampiress Malene discovers she should pay more attention to what the maintenance crews around her are up to. Contains reference to recent breast expansion, as well as some muscular freeze and then dusting/disintegration. Includes 7 3D image sequence that illustrates Malene’s predicament.

Close-up of Malene

FEEDING TIME – A couple comes to a magic woman asking for her help. Of course, her solution involves shrunken women, lactation, and some breast and ass expansion.

"Feeding Time" - sample from Image 1 (of 2)

MOHR IS GOOD – Blog style story by Dan Standing. What happens when a spelunker is compelled to drink an ancient concoction? Why, breast expansion, horniness, and humantaur transformation of course!

"Mohr Is Good" - sample from Image 1 (of 3)

ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL – Written by Sumguy and illustrated by Andrea+Ale, a woman finds out what happens when she wishes to be her BF’s fantasy lover…without knowing first what that may be! Contains 5 images, as well as breast expansion, twinning, and shrunken women.

"All's Well That Ends Well" - sample from Image 1 (of 5)

BAR BELLES – Dan Standing’s 149 page transformation novel is available as chapter downloads, including all 5 original illustrations by Asher B. (please note, while the text is sexually explicit the images are not). Contains multiple scenes of breast expansion, plus petrification, demoness, unusual hair growth, sensitive naughty tales, clothes disintegration, and many more TFs!

"Bar Belles" - cover



So I’ve been browsing the free content a bit and it’s quite interesting, but is there a way to actually join? If so, how do I? I can’t figure it out.

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