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SFC Will Cease Updating in December

SFC Will Cease Updating in December published on

SFC has been great, but in December of 2016 updates will cease, and all new material will post in our new Patreon page.

All recurring subscriptions have been stopped. Everyone will have access for however long they paid. The last subscription expires on December 19, 2016.

There are many benefits to using Patreon, for both you and me!

  • More payment options, such as Paypal.
  • A more intuitive customer support system.
  • A better indexing system for finding stories and pages!
  • A push alert that lets you know when something new has been posted.
  • Private and public comment posts.
  • More transparency about what illustrated material can be supported.
  • A user experience that is being tweaked and perfected in an ongoing manner!

Thanks again to everyone who has been supporting me here, and I look forward to more sexy fantasy adventures in Patreon!


Some Renewals Have Been Cancelled

Some Renewals Have Been Cancelled published on

Hi all,

We’re currently transitioning SFC over to Patreon.

If you are new – hi and welcome! Please click the “d on P” banner to the right and join us on a new Patreon adventure!

If you are an existing member we are working to honor all paid memberships through their full expectations!

If you are existing and can’t sign in, it may be that your renewing membership expired. Renewals are being phased out. Please join us at Patreon!

Any questions about any of this can be sent to me with the form below – please remember to include an email!

So sorry for any confusion, but I believe Patreon will make this a sexier and better experience for everyone!


Hard Updates!

Hard Updates! published on

Quite a bit has arrived in SFC since the last update out here! HELD WITHIN had pages #109 & #110, Before And Again got pages 21-22, two prose shorts – Good Support and Bigger Still – posted, along with a long story repost of STICK TO IT. It is also my sad job to announce that Drake‘s 11th Hell: 048 posted, which is the last installment of this amazing series!

Travel and Sickness and Madness, oh my!

Travel and Sickness and Madness, oh my! published on

While a shortness of time has kept me from updating out here, SFC has certainly been updating inside!

Held Within has had pages 107 & 108, Before And Again got pages 19 & 20, Dan did a photo manip called Decor Rate, and Drake’s penultimate episode of 11th Hell is also available!

Hope all are doing well (or at least better then me!),


“Silver Tipped – Part 3” and “11th Hell: 046”

“Silver Tipped – Part 3” and “11th Hell: 046” published on

Come on in for the updates! Part 3 of Dan Standing‘s prose story “Silver Tipped” has horny Corrine discover what happens when she doesn’t follow the directions, and things are finally coming together in Part 46 of Drake‘s 11th Hell.

Prose story PARTY FAVORS, Minimum Scale pages 20-22, & 11th Hell: 045

Prose story PARTY FAVORS, Minimum Scale pages 20-22, & 11th Hell: 045 published on

Hey all! Since the last update out here Dan Standing‘s prose story PARTY FAVORS (based on a commission) posted, pages 20 through 22 of Minimum Scale went up, and 9 new pages for part 45 of Drake’s 11th Hell are also available! Enjoy!

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